Frequently Asked Questions


What is 3D printing?

 3D printing is a process that converts 3D CAD models into real objects. An object is built from scratch in microscopic superimposed layers in a process that

resembles office printers, hence the name 3D Printing. The technology of 3D printing can have applications in many sectors namely, jewelry production,

architectural models, statues but also in medical applications, mechanical and industrial design and many more. The advantages of 3D printing are speed of

production, versatility, low cost and a wide range of materials.


How long does a 3D print take?

It depends on the size and complexity of the print, and also on your chosen layer height. A finer, higher resolution print will take much longer, but will look much smoother.


Where can I download printable models?

Here are some website with 3D models database:

3D Marvels

3D Via


Google 3D Warehouse

Ponoko Product Plans

Shapeways 3D Parts Database


Turbosquid: Free objects